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  • Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Blog Image - Choosing the Right Recruiter

Looking for a job can be a stressful time and choosing the right recruiter (should you choose to work with one) is essential to ensuring that your job search runs smoothly and that your stress levels remain intact.  Choosing a recruiter to work with is not an easy choice, and let’s face it, there are quite a few to choose from (some good; some not so good), so it pays to do your homework and find someone you like and trust, who values your career and has your best interests at heart.  Below is a guide to assist you to make the right choice.

An Honest Approach

A good recruiter will always be honest and upfront.  You may not want to hear that you don’t have the right experience for a role or that the interview for the job you so desperately wanted didn’t go well, but wouldn’t you rather work with a recruiter that provides helpful and honest feedback, rather than one who gives you the silent treatment and does not return your calls!   This honest approach should work both ways, so if you are interviewing for other roles, want to put your search on hold or have secured another role, then it’s just as important to keep your recruiter in the loop.   There is nothing more frustrating for both parties when emails and calls go unanswered. 

Understanding your Needs

A good recruiter will always meet you in person and take the time to understand what you’re looking for and the reasons you are considering a move.   Be wary of a recruiter that doesn’t insist on meeting with you in person– a short 5-minute conversation over the phone is not enough time for a recruiter to gain a through understanding of your background, what you are looking for or what you are looking to avoid, and how can you build a relationship of trust with someone in such a short period of time.  Good recruiters aren’t just a postal service, they should want to get to know you.  

Strong Client Relationships

It’s essential that your recruiter has strong client relationships.  Recruiters with strong, long lasting relationships with their clients will not only be briefed on new jobs first, they will also be able to “push” and influence when necessary.  Be wary of recruiters that say that they work with everyone, as it’s unlikely.  If they do, their relationships won’t be strong, as it’s impossible to provide a good service to everyone.


It’s important to remember that you don’t have work a recruiter just because they have called you about a job.  Take the time to meet with them, establish rapport and get a feel for the way they operate.  A recruiter is there to add value and make your job search easier, so working with someone who knows your industry, understands your career goals and operates with integrity, will set the stage for a mutually beneficial, long standing and successful recruiter/candidate relationship.